Filling machine SGY-35


The filling machine for easy manual paste liquid.

suitable for daily chemical, medicine, food, chemical and other industries of paste, liquid quantitative filling, used for sealing tube filling the quantitative. , with the features of easy operation, quantitative discharging. And with accurate measurement, characteristics such as simple structure, adopt stainless steel material, conform to the requirements of the health food, medicine production. Quantitative filling, adopt plunger type device, the machine is done by setting piston movement distance material ration, at the same time in measuring range according to different filling quantity do any adjustment.

Technical parameters

Work style: hand pressure

Filling range: 5-50 ml

Filling accuracy: plus or minus 1.5%

Production capacity: people

Bucket capacity: 5 l Dimension: 320 * 220 * 580 mm

Net weight: 15 kg